Made in USA


     Sweet Land of Liberty

    Have you ever seen what goes into the making of our

    US product lines? We want to share it with you. It’s

    made from wood sustainably harvested from U.S.

    lumber forests, steel smelt in the country’s legendary

    ironwork, and sweat from American craftsman and

    women.  We’ve seen how products journey from forest

    to homes. We have product designs that are sourced

   and manufactured, every single step of the process

   staying within the shores of the United States. 


The combination of innovation and hard work makes

for a beautiful U.S.-made product. One you can be

proud to own. The label “U.S. Made” has long

correlated to a higher quality product, and we are

upholding that idea. We care as much about the

immediate production of an item today as we do

about the longevity of a piece, in order to ensure a

product that will withstand over time. American

furnishing has a long history of quality over quantity.

You can tell the difference between a well-crafted

piece of furniture and one that was produced quickly

off an assembly line.


So whether you want one of our massive selections

of US made upholstered products, or one of our all

American pine constructed bunk beds you know that

each was made with hardworking American

craftsman at the helm. And know that every order of

an American made product strengths our country’s

economy. Giving American’s the opportunity to

provide for their families. This growing catalog of US

made products is our commitment to quality and our

belief in the values that have kept this country

moving forward.