At Furniture of America, we believe in the power of ideas, especially those that are implemented for the betterment of products and processes. Our team of talented researchers, designers, and developers takes pride in creating products and experiences that are unique to both our business partners and end consumers. We always strive to make our products valuable and useful beyond their primary purposes. Whether it is for expanded capabilities, improved safety, or logistical efficiency, FOA is committed to spending more resources in avenues that directly benefit our dealers and consumers alike.

Design Patents

Making products that stand out in the crowded furniture space is definitely one of our priorities. We encourage our designers to think outside the box—to deliver designs that are not only beautiful but also inspirational. Trends are important, but not as important as creating furniture that fulfills people’s aspirations.

Curved Table Leg – D736,550

With just enough hint of modern taste in its flared silhouette and sweeping lines, this ornamental design is the ultimate marriage of two styles. It was designed with one thing in mind—to create furniture bold enough to be in a contemporary space while retaining its transitional charm.

Front Panel Pattern – D744,265

Designed to shake up the minimalist lines of modern case goods, these ornamental panels add texture to the front of chests and night stands. It gives them dimension, allowing them to rest proudly in spaces that would otherwise look bland and lack a hint of personality.

Furniture Leg Frame – D686,014

Shedding off the straight lines typical of contemporary case goods, this ornamental design for a leg frame evokes feelings of sensuality and confidence. Alluring curves line the edges of the furniture, forming a curvaceous silhouette that’s both welcoming and mysterious.

Utility Patents

We have made it part of our mission to produce furniture that offers more than their intended use. From inventing multifunctional designs to developing reinforced structures for safety, FOA is determined to push the boundaries of what technology and sheer resourcefulness can achieve. Reimagining existing products and giving them more value is at the heart of what we do.

Insert & Lock Joint Structure – 9,200,656

To reinforce our wooden bunk beds, we invented our special insert-and-lock joint structure, which is four times stronger and ensures the structural integrity of our beds. It’s environmental as well, accomplishing the same amount of strength with less amount of wood.

Interchangeable Arrangement – 9,241,569

With a stable central frame that supports reusable decorative elements, some of our products allow for a wide variety of customization. Change the panel color or add motifs with no need for disassembling the main support frame.

Embedded Bracket Joint Structure – Pending

Strengthening the joints of the metal bunk beds we offer was a challenge for us, but we managed to come up with a clever solution. Tube frames perpendicular to each other are connected by a bracket with vertical slots and circular holes, allowing screws and fasteners to hold the pieces together more securely.

Hidden Extra Support Leg – 9,055,821 / 8,656,527

For our products to be space-conscious, they need to serve more than one purpose. That’s exactly why we designed our futons with hidden extendable support legs. Not only are you saving space by folding it up as a sofa, your safety and comfort is assured when it’s opened as a bed.

Embedded LED Lighting – 9,410,692

Nothing sets the mood like ambient lighting. That’s why we designed products with embedded LEDs to match the atmosphere of your home. The lights are craftily hidden between sheets of glass and wood to ensure smooth lines and uninterrupted seams. Best of all, some of them even have multiple brightness levels, and can be triggered by changes in ambient light.

Bed Frame with Tube Joint Reinforcement – 9,044,100

When it comes to children’s products, safety is our number one priority. Our bed frames pass rigorous testing, due to an innovative application based on years of research. In this case, a combination of elongated fasteners, tubular supports and frame lockers ensure maximum strength and higher weight capacities.

Warehouse Management

Our obsession with efficiency is rooted in the idea that time is a valuable resource, not just for us, but for our business partners. The more efficient we are with our processes, the more opportunity we can bring to our dealers. This is why over the years, we have gone through extensive improvements in our warehouse management system, so that we can deliver on the promise of nimble and punctual service.