A message from FOA regarding COVID-19

At Furniture of America, we've always believed in partnering with those who cherish the same values we do. We understand that the current climate makes it difficult to identify reputable companies that offer truly protective masks and respirators. It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to Airway Personal Care Product Inc. Aidway has secured the approval from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) to manufacture N95 respirators right here in Southern California.

With fears of a second wave fast approaching, we felt there is no better time than now to present a trustworthy company that can supply the necessary safety products for you and your family. Aidway’s NIOSH Approved N95 respirator filters out ≥95% of airborne particles, including dust, haze, droplets, etc. Every mask they produce is entirely made in USA.

Very few companies are able to provide the proper quality, especially is such a short amount of time. Along with the N95 respirators, customers purchasing the standard 5-Layer face mask can be comforted knowing that they are made with the same N95 grade materials.

For staying productive at home

For providing comfort in your living room

For accommodating families, big or small

  • Kaylee

    U-Sectional w/ Left Chaise | CM6587-SECT

    MSRP $5319.00

For unwinding after a long day

  • Sadhbh

    Sofa | CM6283-SF

    MSRP $2109.00
    • Marnie

      Power Sofa | CM6641GY-SF-PM

      MSRP $2199.00
      • Eppi

        Power Sofa | CM6973-SF

        MSRP $2999.00

For keeping the family entertained and informed

  • Vilhelm

    72" TV Console | CM5360-TV

    MSRP $1189.00
    • Evos

      TV Console | CM5813-TV

      MSRP $1009.00
      • Tienen

        Tv Stand Set | CM5900-TV

        MSRP $3079.00