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We believe that every design should have a story. Once our inspiration is
clear, we begin sketching concepts, which go through multiple reviews and
development until they become digital 3D models that can be prototyped. The
consumer only sees the final product in the showroom, but rest assured that
we have put the time and effort of multiple teams to design the final product
you are looking at.
Furniture design trends come and go quickly, but people’s pursuit of quality
of life, product functionality, and safety will never change. We keep our finger
on the pulse of the industry and look ahead as to what’s coming up. Whether
we’re taking influences from the fashion industry or brand influencers, we
collaborate and design products that reach the market quickly and ready to
set the next trend. When selecting materials we know how to balance aesthetic
value and safety.
When we bring a product to our customers we include as much usability as we
can fit. Whether it’s adding a hidden drawer to a nightstand or an imbedded
USB plug in to a headboard, our goal is to add functionality wherever it lends
itself to the design of the piece. Details like that elevate a piece of furniture
beyond its aesthetic value allowing you to get the most out of an item. We
want to make your life easier and more comfortable.
Most of our utility patents stem from our desire to improve the safety of a
product. Futons are great products because they fill a niche and double their
functionality as a seat and a bed. Our patented fold out leg hides behind the
zip-down backing to quickly add stability to a futon in the lowered position,
letting you lay out without worry of the futon turning over. It is innovative and
practical additions like this that make our products stand out as a smarter
and secure choice.
We do not cut any corners when it comes to safety. We pride ourselves on
durability and quality control. Our products undergo extensive testing to
ensure they meet or exceed all safety standards and requirements. Any that
fail to pass either require design changes or will be dropped. We also make
sure, all of our paint is lead free, and our foam fillers are free of carcinogenic
Our bunk beds achieve high marks in the industry for their safety features.
We hold multiple design patents for bunk beds where our main concern is to
make them more stable and durable. New designs like an embedded bracket
joint structure create a pocket for the rails to fit into. Meaning your children’s
health and safety isn’t left up to a couple of bolts, but a sophisticated metal
If we can prevent injuries, we will make the changes necessary every time.
Bringing Ideas into Reality
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