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Our team of talented designers and developers take pride in creating products and
experiences that extend capabilities, advance safety, or refine style.

We do not stop improving. That’s Furniture of America philosophy.


Above all else we value safety. No one should worry that their furniture can be a potential hazard to their health or the well being of their family.


Whether it’s reinforced support structures or hidden support legs for futons, our designers try to push the functionality of our products.


The furniture market is crowded with designs. We make it a priority to stand out from that crowd and deliver pieces that inspire you.


Home decor inspiration is just a tap away. Our Instagram followers are growing and with that more people are experiencing our compelling photos, inspiring videos, and monthly giveaways!


Hassle-Free Home Furnishing: The Case for Rental Furniture

Why lug heavy furniture and risk injury? Read why it’s becoming more sensible for the average young person to rent their furniture, while they’re still on the journey of finding themselves and have yet to plant permanent roots.


FOA Honored as '2019 Manufacturer of the Year'

We are thrilled to be chosen by the California Furniture Manufacturers Association (CMFA) for this honor. This accomplishment is not only for us but for every partnership and friendship we've made along the way. Thank you!


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Our Green Mission

The finest quality furniture built with a commitment to the environment
we found it here in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Watch how our latest products answer the call for a more sustainable future.

Becoming Partners

When you become an FOA partner, you’re more than just a dealer. Our goal is quite simple: We want to help you grow your business. In our eyes, that is the difference between a partner and a vendor. At Furniture of America, we believe that the only way to grow is to grow together.

Partnerships with FOA

At Furniture of America, we pride ourselves in the breadth of our product lines and the meaningful partnerships we've built throughout the years.


Face-to-Face in Market

In Las Vegas Market, we asked a few of our partners to share their experiences and what they like most about working with FOA.


Dealer Support

We keep a close eye on market trends and pay attention to our partners’ needs and feedback, providing useful tools to increase sales and grow your business.